MJM's Green Mission

MJM Yachts is committed to environmentally responsible yachting and boat building.  The company's owner, Bob Johnstone, is a member of the Board of Directors of Sailors for the Sea.  He has focused MJM on creating innovative eco-friendly powerboat designs so that boating families can have fun, responsibly pursuing their recreation on the water.

Inevitably, as fuel again climbs to $5/gallon, we'll witness greater public and boatowner focus on the environmental impact of boating lifestyles. The wisdom of MJM Yachts design strategy to address this trend has already been vindicated by more than 100 owners worldwide who've discovered the satisfaction derived from being eco-smart without sacrificing style and comfort on a very attractive and functional performance yacht.

Designed to Make A Difference

Because MJM designs better, stronger, lighter boats, we do so more with less material.  And, because we make better use of materials through better design, our products last longer- further reducing our carbon-footprint.  MJM's epoxy construction has "0" zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions compared to the styrene emissions of most boat builders using polyester or vinylester resins.  Styrene can account for 30% of the weight of resin used to make fiberglass parts with open molding techniques.  Further down the supply chain, the manufacture of epoxy resins produces "0" VOC's as well, while the manufacture of styrenated resins does not.  So MJM uses less petroleum-based resin, uses resins that are "greener" to produce, uses epoxy that emits no VOC's when they cure, and while that maybe be sufficient... further uses closed-molding techniques.

Responsible Manufacturing

MJM is committed to working with suppliers with working conditions that are safe, where workers are treated with respect and dignity and, perhaps most importantly, that our manufacturing processes are environmentally responsible. MJM's licensed builder, Boston BoatWorks is MACT compliant.  This is the Environmental Protection Agency's Maximum Achievable Control Technology rating.

Because of their record and practices related to employee health and safety, the State of Massachusetts Department of Labor has invited Boston BoatWorks to apply for their SHARP (Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program) certification and become one of only 9 manufacturing companies in MA to so qualify.  The side benefits are lower Workman's Comp Insurance rates, lower product costs through higher productivity and morale, better employee retention and lower training costs... improving the value of MJM Yachts to their owners.

It's difficult to imagine boat builders in the Far East, or even in North America, rating as high as Boston BoatWorks in terms of the quality of personnel or the quality of construction and materials used.

Energy Efficiency

The majority of greenhouse gas emissions MJM accounts for are produced when you turn on the engine and venture forth on a lake or the sea. That’s why we design all our motor yachts to be as energy efficient as possible. Take the 29z, for example. It gets about 3 nautical miles per gallon of diesel when cruising at 25 knots.  This is about half the fuel consumed by a twin outboard center console of the same size... making it certainly one of the most energy-efficient motor yachts of its size and type in the world.

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